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We develop solutions for almost every

section in machine and plant construction

Benedikt Esch
Dipl. Ing.
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We create the complete documentation
for our designs
Mechanical engineer / Artist
Conny Kannenberg

From 2002 until today.

We are now called Ingessta – Ingenieurteam Esch & Stanski. With this change of name begins a new era in our 14-year company history. The next generation of young engineers enters our company. One of them is a graduate engineer, Benedikt Esch, who follows in the footsteps of his father, the company founder Uwe Esch. Together with Guido Stanski, also since the foundation of our company, our expanded and rejuvenated engineering team will now serve as customers in Ingessta with innovative ideas and solutions.

Our principle has a further existence: can not, can not!

We are and remain an independent engineering office. We develop, construct, draw, calculate and optimize constructions for mechanical engineering, steel construction, special machine construction, handling equipment, drive technology and other fields of application. At our company headquarters on the eastern edge of the Ruhr district in the industrial area “Zur Pannhütt” in Waltrop, we are active for an international clientele.